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Bird box cameras on Springwatch

 BBC Springwatch presenters: Martin, Kate, Simon, Chris and Gordon

BBC Springwatch presenters: Martin, Kate, Simon, Chris and Gordon

I must admit I was one of the literally millions of viewers that tuned in for, or more precisely caught up with online (what would I do without iPlayer?), Springwatch on the BBC earlier in the year.

This Spring, one of the big highlights for me was the live webcam feeds from the bird boxes and nests. The Avocets were of course stars, but for me Pensthorpe Blue Tits were just the best.

Caught on webcam

Caught on camera: Blue Tits tending eggs in a Bird box

Caught on camera: Blue Tits tending eggs in a bird box. Many thanks to fs-phil for the photo, one day I too will take great images like these with my bird box camera!

The programmes followed the newly hatched blue tit chicks from the 28th of May all the way through to them flying the nest on the 3rd of June.

The webcams caught every moment. The nine hungry chicks were fed a tiring 36 feeds every hour by their parents in the early days! Both parents brought home caterpillars, sunflower seeds and various insects to satiate their broods appetite. See the Springwatch website for all the great images.

In my research to find a suitable bird box camera to invest in, I have been thrilled to find that a company in the UK has supplied some bird box cameras to the BBC team, in fact they are used by all kinds of worldwide, wildlife institutions including UK Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, WWF, Oxford University and London Zoo.

All of those credentials and their prices are good too! They have a great range of products to suit all budgets and kits to add cameras to existing nest boxes. Do check out their product range, go to the HandyKam website, let me know which one you buy and we can swap notes.

HandyKam: Bird box cameras on Springwatch

HandyKam: Bird box cameras on Springwatch

3 comments to Bird box cameras on Springwatch

  • wayne bartlett

    blue tit parents feeding 7 chicks in our nest box, starlings tried to put head through hole, parents have not been seen since.would they have predated them?

  • bbc-admin

    Hi Jean, Seems odd that they should die so suddenly all at once. Was there anything particularly odd about the weather day – high or low temperatures. Could you see what they were being fed?

  • I have a bird box with webcam. My bluetit laid 8 eggs. 7 hatched, and lived for 4 days. Then they were all dead. Parents were feeding them frantically earlier that day. Why did they die?

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