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Bird boxes at Lacock

Bird boxes at lacock, Wiltshire, England

A bird box high on an oak tree in Lacock Abbey grounds

I spent a balmy summer day at Lacock recently. For those of you who are not familiar with this particular historic village in Wiltshire, England, Lacock dates from the 13th-century and hasn’t changed much since that time! It’s full of beautiful limewashed, half-timbered and stone houses and is owned by the National Trust.

For me, the highlight of the visit was not Lacock Abbey, the camera obscura in the shed on wheels (although definitely fun), but the fact that the National Trust are attaching bird boxes to the trees. Wonderful. Even better, the bird boxes I spotted were situated near a wild flower meadow that was just buzzing with life. The gardeners had left the grass to grow under the trees in the apple orchard, it was truly spectacular. What an insect and seed feast for wild birds!

The bird boxes are attached at least 3 metres from the ground and fitted with a circular opening. They will probably attract  smaller garden birds. See the siting bird boxes post for more information about nest boxes for different birds.

If only they were fitted with bird box cameras too – streaming live feeds into the visitors center. That would have been perfect.

Wild flower meadow under the orchard in Lacock Abbey Grounds

Wild bird food feast: The beautiful summer wild flower meadow under the orchard in Lacock Abbey Grounds (that's St Cyriac's Church in the background, not the Abbey)

I’m sure I’ll be going back to Lacock Abbey and it’s grounds. I bet it is just as spectacular in all the other seasons, so that’s at least three more trips!

Of course anyone can visit and walk around the village of Lacock for free, but if you want to go inside Lacock Abbey grounds and museum you will need to either pay, or be a member of the National Trust.

I think National Trust membership is great if you intend to go to three or more of their properties per year. There are so many sites that you always have plenty to choose from, and with their events throughout the year several of the closer ones often become favourite days out.

1 comment to Bird boxes at Lacock

  • Eamonn

    Caught on camera: Blue Tits tending eggs in a bird box. Many thanks to fs-phil for the photo,

    Please tell me which camera was used for this shot, as the clarity is fantastic

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